Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Country #82: Radio Uganda

After a few 'dry' weeks, finally a new country:

4976 KHz Radio Uganda, Kampala, Uganda 20FEB2014, 19:50 UTC In English, male and female presenters, station Id before hour. 20:00 British pop song, 20:04> more similar musical items. Audible until 20:17 Overall weak signal. Noisy with tast fading. Country #82

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The most played voice of all times: Jane Barbe @ WWVH

You probably know that most recorded song of all times is "Yesterday" by The Beatles. But do you know who is the most played voice of all times?

Known as "the time lady", Jane Barbe had weekly audience of over 300 million listeners! Barbe landed her voice to US telephone companies for both time signal and pre-recorded messages.

Even today, long after she passed away, her voice is still on air 24/7, providing an important and valuable service.

For thousands of mariners and sailors with no access to satellite communication, Internet or mobile phones, her voice still provides a comfort on the open seas and path to safe harbour.

Last night I've recorded a 1 minute sound clip of Jane Barbe's voice, a reception of the Time and Frequency standard signal transmitted form station WWVH located at Hawaii.

Click here to listen to Jane's immortal voice.

No wires, no borders: just a pure magic of radio waves...